Women in Tech: How are we doing?

It's no secret that the tech industry is largely male-dominated, especially when it comes to engineering and computer science roles. While there are many articles addressing the reasons for the under-representation of women in engineering, we want to focus this project instead on celebrating the women engineers and programmers that are actively contributing and working hard in their field. Below is a visualization of the data collected by Tracy Chou, an engineer at Pinterest, of gender ratios in engineering teams at various companies. The distribution of the data definitely makes the issue of representation extremely apparent. At the same time, we see our fellow women engineers out there, however few or many, and we say 'power to you, girl!' Over time, we hope to see a change in these numbers and we hope you will help us in this endeavor. This data set is crowd-sourced and we welcome all contributions. Have some numbers for us? Let us know below!

Women in Engineering Roles at Various Companies

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